Linux restart

shutdown -r now reboot

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Linux switch directory

cd /home

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Linux, switch directories

cd ..

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Linux clean cache

echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

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Linux display permissions

ls -lh

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Linux delete empty directories

rmdir -pv /root/newdir2/newdir3

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Linux shows memory status

free -h

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linux file compression command

tar cvf FileName.tar FileName

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Linux copy a file

cp file1 file2

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Linux view cpu information

cat -n /proc/cpuinfo

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Linux move files or folders

mv -f -v test

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Linux unzip the zip file

unzip -o -p

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Linux finds keywords in files

grep MySQL ./my.cnf

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Linux view memory usage status

free -h -s 3

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Linux view zip content without decompressing

unzip -v

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Linux searches for files ending in'.d'

find /lib/dracut/ -name \*.d

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Linux copy local files to remote server

scp -r -v /home/cmdhelp/db.tar root@

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Linux copy remote server files to nas

scp -r -v root@ Z:/cmdhelp/

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