How to install maven environment in linux

System environmentTest system version:RedHat7.5 Maven version:3.8.3 Server creation directorymkdir -

How to install Jdk on linux

system versionSystem version: RedHat7.5 Jdk version: java version "17.0.1" Download JdkDownload link

How to install nginx offline in linux

system message系统版本:RedHat7.5 nginx版本:1.20.0 nginx下载地址:

How to install docker offline in linux

system versionsystem version:RedHat7.5 Docker version: 18.06.3 Download link:https://download.docker

How to install elasticsearch cluster on docker

Node 1 configurationModify max_map_countecho vm.max_map_count=262144 >> /etc/sysctl.conf sysct

How to install docker in linux

Test the installation environmentcentos8 64 Install yum-utils toolkit sudo yum install -y yum-u

How to install elasticsearch and kibana on linux

Modify the maximum number of memory mapped areas that a process may haveecho vm.max_map_count=262144

how to add a disk array raid 0 in linux

Build a disk array in Linux, this time use 2 4T mechanical hard disks to build a raid0 disk array4T

The most complete mongodb builds a replication set in a docker container

Build a mongodb replication set in docker to provide data redundancy and high availability, provide

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