How to check docker container information


View the build information of the docker container through the command line, and the json format is returned by default


docker inspect mysql


docker :  Docker is an open source application container engine that allows developers to package their applications and dependent packages into a portable image
inspect :  Provides detailed information about the constructs controlled by Docker.


        "Id": "47012ac4015dfd743fa4840052d4e2e43d1072885c3c913b10eb099938a3ef37",
        "Created": "2021-12-27T02:41:07.598779153Z",
        "Path": "",
        "Args": [
        "State": {
            "Status": "running",
            "Running": true,
            "Paused": false,
            "Restarting": false,
            "OOMKilled": false,
            "Dead": false,
            "Pid": 2278,
            "ExitCode": 0,
            "Error": "",
            "StartedAt": "2021-12-27T02:41:08.07878405Z",
            "FinishedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"
        "Image": "sha256:3218b38490cec8d31976a40b92e09d61377359eab878db49f025e5d464367f3b",
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