How to create multiple index in mongodb

Create a positive index of the name field and a reverse index of the age on the test collection

How to show database names in mongodb

View all database names and space usage in mongodb

How to show log in mongodb

view the latests log information of mongodb

how to create replica set in mongodb in docker

Start mongo replication set in docker, set mount, configuration verification and memory limit

how to create mongodb keyfile in linux

Generate the mongodb-keyfile file in linux, ps: Need to set up user groups and permissions sudo chmod 600 mongodb-keyfile sudo chown 999 mongodb-keyfile

How to realize that if the data exists, update if it does not exist, delete it in mongo

Update the data whose name is cmdhelp in the test table, if it does not exist, create it

How to allocate space in Mongodb

Clear the disk space occupied by the deleted data in the test table

how to remove member in mongodb replica set

Remove member from the current replica set Before running the rs.remove() operation, it is best to close the replica set member to be deleted. By default, the replica set member waits for 5 minutes, and then disconnects the deleted member

how to authenticate user in mongodb

Authenticate the admin user identity after passing through the mongo shell

How to count the total number of documents in mongodb

View the total number of documents in the test collection in mongodb

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