How to rename a directory or a file

Use mv to rename the file1.txt file to file2.txt, suitable for Linux

How to check linux memory usage

Display the usage of system memory, including physical memory, swap memory (swap) and kernel buffer memory

How to shutdown linux

It sends an ACPI command to the board, then to the PSU, to cut the power.

How to display system info in Linux

This command will display linux system information, including system version, kernel version and so on

how to create a directory in linux

Create a folder named test in Linux, and print each file creation record

How to create multi-level directories in Linux

Create a directory under test and a, b, and c directories under test2 under Linux.

How to see the directory structure in linux

Print the current 2-level directory structure in a tree structure in Linux

how to delete file or directory in linux

Delete the cmdhelp folder in the current directory on linux

How to find domain name server dns address in linux

Use DNS to view resolution records on Linux, which can be used to view addon domain server ip

How to view file content in linux

View the content of the cmdhelp.txt file in Linux, and display all content line numbers

How do you show the number of lines in a file in Linux

View the content of cmdhelp.txt in Linux, and number non-blank lines

How to create a new empty file in linux

Create an empty file named in Linux

how to change linux password

Use passwd to change the cmdhelp user password

how to display all file in linux

View the file under the current path contains hidden files starting with.Sort entries alphabetically if none of -cftuvSUX nor --sort is specified.

how to delete all empty directories in linux

Delete the test1 directory, the directory is not empty, the deletion fails

how to view website ip address in linux

View the ip address corresponding to google

how to list all devices in linux

View block device information under linux

How to format disk in linux

Format the disk /dev/sdf under linux and create an ext4 format file system

How to display hidden files in linux terminal

View hidden folders and files under linux

how to create a hidden file or directory in linux terminal

To create a hidden file or folder in linux, add in front of the name.

how to copy files in linux terminal

Copy the test.txt file to the test directory in the current directory

How to check file type in linux

View test.txt file type in Linux

How to change working directory in linux

Switch the working path to /home/test in Linux

How to move file in linux

In Linux, move the file1.txt file2.txt file in the current directory to /home/test

How to open tar.gz file in linux terminal

Unzip the test.tar.gz file in Linux

How to view file permissions in linux

View the permissions of file1.txt in Linux

How to change file permissions in linux

The permission to modify test.txt in linux is readable, writable and executable for all user groups

How to check network in linux

Test whether another host can be accessed in linux, connect and test the host at

How to view processes in linux

View all processes in linux

How to create a group in linux

Create a user group with a gid of 344 and a name of cmdhelp in Linux

How to view al group in linux

View all user groups through cat in Linux

How to create a user in linux

Create a user named user1 in linux

How to change file owner in linux

Modify the user of file1.txt in linux as user1

How to change file group in linux

Modify the group of file1.txt in linux to user1

How to view all processes in Linux

View process information in linux and output according to format

How to print file head in linux

View the first 12 lines of the test.txt file in linux

how to use wget download and rename

Use wget in Linux to download the web page file and save it to /home/test/ and name it cmdhelp.html

How to check linux port occupation

Check the occupancy of a certain port in linux,

How to check firewall status in Linux

View firewall status in Linux

How to stop firewall in Linux

Turn off the firewall in Linux 7

How to start firewall in Linux

Turn on the firewall in Linux 7

How to turn off the firewall in Linux

Turn off the firewall to start automatically in Linux 7

How to restart the operating system in linux

Restart the operating system in Linux

How to check os version on centos

Check the version of the system through the command line in Centos

I hope to help every developer quickly find the commands they need. Of course, you can also add your own commonly used commands for easy searching.