How to move folders in Linux

In linux, you can quickly move folders through the command line mv, or you can modify the folder name through mv

How to find files in linux

In linux, you can use the find command to quickly find files

How to add tags to historical commits in git

View the commit record through git log --pretty=oneline, and add annotated Tags through -a

How to create lightweight tag in git

Use git tag to quickly create lightweight tags in git

How to create annotated tag in git

In git, you can use -a to create annotation tags

How to view all tags in git

In git, you can quickly view all tags through git tag

How to query the maximum file handle in linux

Under Linux, the ulimit command can be used to view the maximum number of file handles that a single process can open.

How to package and compile java using maven

How to use maven to quickly compile and package java applications, through the command line mvn command to quickly achieve

How to check jdk version

How to quickly check the jdk version, you can check the version information through the command line java -version

How to quickly cancel git local changes

In development, you need to undo file changes and restore to the last staged status, you can use git checkout to quickly restore the file

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