how to use wget download and rename

Use wget in Linux to download the web page file and save it to /home/test/ and name it cmdhelp.html

How to print file head in linux

View the first 12 lines of the test.txt file in linux

How to view all processes in Linux

View process information in linux and output according to format

How to change file group in linux

Modify the group of file1.txt in linux to user1

How to change file owner in linux

Modify the user of file1.txt in linux as user1

How to create a user in linux

Create a user named user1 in linux

How to count the total number of documents in mongodb

View the total number of documents in the test collection in mongodb

How to view al group in linux

View all user groups through cat in Linux

How to create a group in linux

Create a user group with a gid of 344 and a name of cmdhelp in Linux

How to view processes in linux

View all processes in linux

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